• High Sreet Retail

  • Sushant lok 3, Sector 57 Gurgaon

  • 1.5 Cr Onwards

  • 14.41 acre

  • High Sreet Retail

  • Sector 57, Gurgaon, 122003

  • 1.5 Cr Onwards

  • 14.41 acre
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m3m sector 57 Gurgaon

M3M Sushant Lok 3 Sector 57 Gurgaon Commercial Project

M3M new commercial project Gurgaon functions an in depth variety of centers that great meet the desires of cutting-edge businessmen. Your workplace and its cope with in enterprise impact the perspectives of customers, as a result having a amazing place performs a large role. Leave the maximum sizeable influence with the great industrial vicinity for shops withinside the M3M 57 Gurgaon.

M3M new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon offers an organic area withinside the wild and brightly designed. Here, environmental love blends seamlessly with industrial competence. Natural assets for industrial assets aren't forfeited. M3M Developer thinks a self-helping atmosphere improves enterprise, promotes personality, and is a breath of recent air that reaches the monochrome obstacles of particular enterprise areas.

M3M Sector 57 Gurgaon Highlights:

When we talk about M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 Gurgaon project is nothing less than a dream. The project comes along with a multiple silent feature. Here we have named a few features, which include:

  • ✔ One of the best combinations of business projects - retail, anchor shops, restaurants, offices, and services
  • ✔ A distinctive front facade and unique character is used in each store block to break structural monotony.
  • ✔ Sky-Bridge connects retail blocks to the central square
  • ✔ Provision for split ACs in retail units, providing those external devices are placed behind the louvers to preserve the complex's visual appeal
  • ✔ A broad central esplanade on all floors of the office
  • ✔ Multiple access and exit locations with retail employers' and office goer boom barriers
  • ✔ Wide internal driveway for easy flow of congestion
  • ✔ Large parking lot.
  • ✔ Open areas across the retail outlets/CompletelyPedestrianized plazas
  • ✔ Committed marking signage for each retail outlet
  • ✔ Each store is successfully designed along massive boulevards / open wide areas to make sure clean visibility
  • ✔ Wide show vicinity to show off ultra-modern series at the go
  • ✔ Well deliberate stores in any respect stage with connecting bridges for max accessibility and visibility
  • ✔ Different anchor stores.
  • ✔ High-speed lifts for easy circulation across all floors
  • ✔ Wet point provision in all apartments

M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 Key Amenities:

M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 Gurgaon project, is one of the best commercial projects. There are ample number of amenities offered by the project, some of the primary highlighted amenities are as follows:

  • m3m 57 Gurgaon M3M Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon – Commercial project is centrally equipped with free CFC environmental protection refrigerant.
  • m3m sector 57 Gurgaon At the project, a central chiller system with independent AHUs has been constructed for each floor.
  • m3m sector 57 Gurgaon At the project, a central chiller system with independent AHUs has been constructed for each floor.
  • m3m 57 Gurgaon parking space An ample parking space is available for the convenience of the tenants on the property.
  • m3m sector 57 Gurgaon backup 100% automated backup with the appropriate diversity and load factor is given for uninterrupted power supply in the property for the lighting, power, and AC.
  • m3m 57 Gurgaon security Commercial project of M3M sector 57 Gurgaon -has Wi-Fi, BMS, security, and living safety systems.
  • M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 Gurgaon safety For the safety and safety of tenants, video monitoring, will be performed from the central station in the base building.
  • m3m Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon sensor A water-saving sensor system will be installed for urinals, basins, and EWCs for water conservation with dual flushing cisterns.
  • m3m Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon extinguisher Fire safety systems such as fire safety hydrants and fire extinguishers on the bottom floor and all other floors shall be provided.
  • m3m new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon shared areas In addition, all public and shared areas are supplied with main alarm panels, contacts for glass breaks, smoke, and heat sensors.
  • m3m Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon equipments Pressure sand filtering equipment and pumps constructed at basement level for clean chlorinated drinking water.
  • m3m Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon water supply Space provided at M3M new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon for tenants' pantries and water supply lines (topped off) for the same.
  • m3m sector 57 Gurgaon energy Roof insulation has been erected at the M3M new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon for minimal heat gain and energy efficiency.
  • m3m sector 57 Gurgaon lighting Energy saving lighting systems have been used to reduce electricity expenditures in common areas.
  • m3m new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon emergency Emergency light fixtures (UPS linked) will be placed on the escaping route and every exit method following code/design.
  • m3m sector 57 Gurgaon panels A range of plaster, painting, stone panels, aluminum composite panels, and two-glass curtain walls shall be used for external covering, according to design, to provide adequate isolation and reduce energy consumption.
  • m3m new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon eismic zone The project has an RCC-framed block/brick/concrete structure developed for the seismic zone of the AAC Block/Brick wash/masonry partition.
  • m3m Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon interlocking M3M Sushant LOK 3 Gurgaon has added asphalt and interlocking precast concrete pavers for a stylish aesthetic.

M3M 57 Gurgaon Master Plan

M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 Gurgaon location

M3M Sushant Lok 3 Location Advantages:

The project is located in sector 57, Gurgaon, and is linked to the entire city. The neighborhood is distant from the city's turmoil, yet the project site is not far from the city's famous and significant destinations. The advantages of location are:

m3m sector 57 Gurgaon location map

✔  The M3M Sushant LOK 3 Gurgaon – commercial project is conveniently situated in sector 57, which is fast developing.

✔  The International Airport of Indira Gandhi is 30 minutes from M3M new commercial project sector 57 Gurgaon.

✔  M3M Sushant LOK 3 Gurgaon has a connection that will save time.

✔  Gurgaon's top commercial property is close to the Golf Course Extension Road and Sohna Road.

✔  The project is located near residential neighborhoods, malls, and entertainment areas, making it the most excellent saleable property in Gurgaon.

✔  Medanta, Medicity, Fortis, and Max are just a 15-minute drive from the M3M sector 57 Gurgaon project.

✔  The project is surrounded by approximately 5000+ families around the vicinity

About M3M:

The M3M Group strongly stands for ‘Magnificence in the trinity of Men, Material, and Money’. The motto of the company is timely delivery, quality and excellence at every step’. M3M since the inception has always made sure to come up with some very exciting projects and enjoys great USPs which helps in setting it apart from its competitors. The group comes up with unique, innovative, multi-dimensional and unparallel concepts which are at par with the world standards.

The team has always shown its utmost commitment towards developing that cert state of art and come up with real estate master pieces. M3M has always focussed to absorb the top-most talent from the industry to provide their target customers with nothing less than the best. In the real estate sector over the years, the company has gained tremendous good will and respect due to the utmost quality provided by them in multiple types of projects in residential, commercial and retail sector.

If you want a new era in Gurgaon that would undoubtedly pave the road for business success, then make Gurgaon your most prestigious office address. The M3M Sushant LOK 3 Gurgaon – the commercial project is created on a massive area of around 6.5 ft2 and is an essential part of the overall development of mixed-use projects involving business suites, high-street retail rooms, hotels, and leisure areas.

Designed by the architectural firm headquartered in Singapore, M3M 57 Gurgaon – a commercial project is influenced by wide floor plates and opens up Spanish style. The developer emphasized rational water use and efficient use of electricity. The business area in water use would be highly efficient to ensure zero release into the city. Moreover, purchasing offices at M3M Sushant Lok 57 Gurgaon would represent 30 percent of energy savings.

M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the exact location of M3M Sector 57 Gurgaon?

A Golf Course Road Extension, Gurgaon is the exact location of M3M sector 57 Gurgaon

QWhy Should one invest in M3M Commercial Project in Sector 57?

A Here are the why one should invest in M3M commercial project sectoe 57 :-

Q How Can I Get the Brochure of the M3M Commercial Project?

A You can get the brochure by clicking on the " Download E-Brochure " button on the webpage and filling in your details so that we can send you along with the details.

Q What Other residential projects are available in Sector 57 Gurgaon?

A M3M India is making plans to release every other commercial projects in Gurugram's Sector 57

Q Do M3M Sushant Lok offers a Perfect Shopping Experience? Will there be shopping brands?

A Yes. M3M Sushant Lok Sector 57 make you feel the luxury retail shopping experience with various brands in the area and you'll get various brands to shop. The name of the brand is not decided yet, but you'll experience various brands for clothing, Restaurants, Footwear, Mart and more.

QDoes the Loan facility is provided for M3M 57th, Sector 57, Sushant Lok 3, Gurgaon?

A Yes, We have tie-ups with various banks all over the country like SBI, HDFC, Axis, ICICI. Our loan expert will will guide in-depth with all the procedures and requirements to purchase and the M3M Sushant Lok sector 57, Gurgaon

QWhat is the New Launch Commercial Project in Sector 57 Gurugram by M3M India?

A M3m Sector 57 Gurgaon is one of the Bespoke newly launched Commercial projects by M3M India. The Project name is yet to be disclosed, till it will be recognized as M3M 57th Gurgaon. Located in Sushant Lok 3, It is surrounded by residential properties. It is going to be an evening hub for all the residents exploring fun and dine-in places.

QHow Many Floors are available in M3M Sector 57 Gurgaon?

A Like any other M3m Commercial project, it is also filled with full of surprises and innovations. Actual Floor Plans information will be reviled very soon. Stay Tuned till then.

QWhat are the classy amenities offered at M3M Commercial projects sector 57?

A The classy amenities are as follow :-

QWhat Type of Property is M3M Sushant Lok 3 Gurgaon?

A M3M Sushant Lok 3 is a new commercial project in Gurgaon with the latest facilities.