• IT Space ( Office Spaces )

  • Sector 67, Gurgaon- 122102

  • 50 lac onwards

  • 17 acre

  • IT Space ( Office Spaces )

  • Sector 67, Gurgaon- 122102

  • 50 lac onwards

  • 17 acre
Total Units
500 Sqft Onwards
Launch date
Mar 15
Possession date
Dec 19
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M3M Urbana Business Park, Sector 67, Gurgaon

M3M Urbana Business Park, Sector 67, Golf Course Ext Road, Gurgaon

M3M Urbana Business Park is a 20-acre project with two towers, the North Tower (G + 10) and the South Tower (G + 19), in Gurgaon's Sector 67.

M3M Urbana Business Park Overview:

The information technology sector is the world's most booming medium-sized economy today, and our country leads the pack. M3M Group has taken the opportunity with Urbana Business Park, which features a high-tech networking system and vast open spaces for offices and industrial spaces to give Big and Small businesses new opportunities. This commercial creation invites you to change the way you work and the conditions under which you work! This is a modern age of infinite possibilities and incredible promise!
The spine of any company is unquestionably its communication infrastructure. The M3M Urbana Business Park offices are equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide the ideal launchpad for your business. Working professionals can stay connected easily and seamlessly with round-the-clock secure and fast Internet access within the premises. M3M Urbana Business Park offers a unique working environment with its well-designed business lounge, video conferencing facilities, and available sizes ranging from 500 to 1,000 square feet.
Amid hard work, M3M Urbana Business Park offers an outdoor atmosphere thought to soothe the senses. Green and eye-catching landscapes encircle you, making you forget you're working in the heart of a commercial world. Colourful flowers, shady trees, and well-kept lawns all contribute to a pleasant working environment. The neighbourhood blends in seamlessly with the architectural style, providing an artistic and pleasing atmosphere. Consequently, M3M Urbana Business Park is a project that automatically improves the quality and quantity of work while reducing pressure and pollution.

M3M Urbana Business Park highlights:

The primary project highlights of M3M Urbana Business Park sector 67 are as follows:

  • ✔ Modern office space
  • ✔ Two towers of North tower in G + 10 structure of South tower in G + 19 structure
  • ✔ Available sizes: 500 Sq. Ft. & 1000 Sq. Ft.
  • ✔ Futuristic architectural patterns
  • ✔ Parking for 1350 cars through three basements
  • ✔ LEED-certified green building
  • ✔ BMS, security, and life safety systems

M3M Urbana Business Park Key Amenities:

The building was thoughtfully built to house modern amenities using cutting-edge technology, wide floor plates, and open-span architecture, all while retaining individual unit sizes. The amenities of this unique place include:

  • ✔ Dedicated drop off and entry lobby for office units.
  • ✔ Spacious floor to ceiling height
  • ✔ Centrally air-conditioned
  • ✔ External directional signage
  • ✔ Cable TV, and optical fibre networking are all available.
  • ✔ Elevator with high speed for ease of movement
  • ✔ Monitoring by CCTV
  • ✔ Wi-Fi and 100 percent battery backup
  • ✔ Fire detection and suppression systems that are up to date.
  • ✔ Plenty of space and smooth traffic vehicular movement on the outskirts

M3M Urbana Business Park Master Plan

M3M 65th Avenue Master Plan

M3M Urbana Business Park Location Advantages:

Location is one of the first and the foremost factors, which define the success of any project. For any commercial project it is essential for the project to be interlinked to all the areas and amenities here and there.
Here are the primary advantages of the location offered:

  • ✔ Conveniently located in Gurugram's Sector 67, in the heart of the city. 
  • ✔ Wide range of nearby residence options to fit any budget.
  • ✔ Not very far from Sohna Road and Golf Course Road
  • ✔ Part of a large-scale development that includes residential neighbourhoods, malls, hotels, and entertainment areas.
  • ✔ Proposed metro corridor nearby
  • ✔ Excellent location for multinational companies
  • ✔ Dedicated drop off points and entry lobby.
  • ✔ High-speed elevators to ensure quick movement Security cameras at car park entrances, exterior access points and main lobby. 
  • ✔ Access control systems at main door/elevator entrance
  • ✔ External entry points, car park entrances, and the main lobby all have surveillance cameras.

M3M Urbana Business Park Floor PLans

Ground Floor
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor
First Floor Plan
First Floor
Second Floor Plan
First Floor
Third Floor Plan
First Floor
Fourth Floor Plan
First Floor
Fifth Floor Plan
First Floor
Sixth Floor Plan

M3M Urbana Business Park Price


Inventory Area (in Sq.Ft.)

Price PSF (in ₹)

Ground Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price
First Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price
Second Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price
Third Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price
Fourth Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price
Fifth Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price
Sixth Floor 500-1000 View PSF Price

M3M Urbana Business Park Payment Plan

Payment Plans 50:50 PLP Plan
Assured Return 12% Per Year. T&C Apply.
Booking Amount ₹5,00,000 Only
Lease Guarantee Long Tern Lease Guarantee

About M3M:

The M3M Group strongly stands for ‘Magnificence in the trinity of Men, Material, and Money’. The motto of the company is timely delivery, quality and excellence at every step’. M3M since the inception has always made sure to come up with some very exciting projects and enjoys great USPs which helps in setting it apart from its competitors. The group comes up with unique, innovative, multi-dimensional and unparallel concepts which are at par with the world standards.

The team has always shown its utmost commitment towards developing that cert state of art and come up with real estate master pieces. M3M has always focussed to absorb the top-most talent from the industry to provide their target customers with nothing less than the best. In the real estate sector over the years, the company has gained tremendous good will and respect due to the utmost quality provided by them in multiple types of projects in residential, commercial and retail sector.

M3M Urbana Business Park Frequently Asked Questions

Q How environment friendly in the M3M Urbana Business Park, Sector 67, Gurgaon?

A M3M Urbana Business Park is a location that is both organic and beautiful. Here, environmental stewardship is seamlessly combined with business excellence. Natural resources are not sacrificed in the name of economic gain. Since M3M Developer claims that a self-sustaining ecosystem promotes business, encourages individuality, and provides a breath of fresh air to the monochromatic confines of conventional business environments.

Q What are the features provided by the M3M Urbana Business Park project in terms of sustainable energy:

A The M3M Urbana Business Park has been built to optimize natural light intake, For instance:

Fewer Energy Costs, More Sustainability: You save a lot of money on your monthly bills thanks to efficient architecture and fool proof preparation.

Renewable, Reinvigorated, Recycled aspects include:

Q Where is M3M Urbana Business Park situated?

A M3M Urbana Business Park is one of M3M India's commercial projects situated in sector 67, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram. It is having a Good Connectivity with Golf Course Road, Sohna Road, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, Southern Peripheral road

Q What kind of space does M3M Urbana Business Park have available?

A It has well-designed workspaces that are both spacious and well-designed. M3M Urbana Business Park is centrally located, intelligently built, world-class in aesthetics and facilities, and offers versatile office sizes to growing companies. The choice of having an office that exudes significance aids in attracting and retaining talent and providing a positive, stimulating atmosphere for future growth. When you reach M3M Urbana Business Park's glamorous world, you will become a part of a global business phenomenon. The grand entrance lobby ushers’ guests into an immersive universe of best-in-class features and world-class amenities.

Q What are the Benefits of the M3M Urbana Business Park?

A Although there are plenty of benefits when it comes to investing in this project. The primary benefits include:

Q Does it make sense to invest in M3M Urbana Business Park?

A Yes totally, since Urbana Business Park is a Griha-rated project with a Gold LEED certification. Green building techniques that emphasize observable and sustainable green construction technology have been recognized as best-in-class. The project is based on a green philosophy, and it includes energy-saving, water-saving, energy-sustainability, and other environmentally friendly features.

Q Is M3M Urbana Business Park solely a commercial development, or does it also include residential units?

A M3M Urbana Business Park provides cutting-edge office space. There are, however, several housing options to fit any budget, many of which are conveniently located for tenants' employees.

Q What is the total number of towers in M3M Urbana Business Park?

A North Tower (G+10) and South Tower (G+19) are the two towers that makeup M3M Urbana Business Park.